luck of the irish …

Once again St. Patrick’s day was here and now is gone . . .

Every year I think about writing this post and somehow I miss the deadline – promising myself that I will make it up in the year to come.

But this year I decided to go ahead and write this post anyway . . . even if it is a bit late.

komedal road - four leaf clover post

For years I never believed in luck . . . not at all!!  I did however believe in hard work – lots of it!  I believed in (and often quoted) the phrase “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” – a phrase that I absolutely loved and lived my professional life by.

But then one day that all changed . . . and here is the story of how this happened . . .

It was on a beautiful spring day when I received a phone call from a friend who’s family member had just been diagnosed with uterine cancer . . . as I talked with her on the phone – I decided to take a walk out into the pasture in front of the house in which I lived as a single mom with a young child.

During our conversation I looked down . . . and in the middle of this very large meadow – I saw what I thought to be a four leaf clover . . . and sure enough it was.  It was the biggest four leaf clover I had ever seen – I picked it up and I told my friend that this was for her loved one . . . that this somehow had to be a sign . . . the luck of the Irish – which she was.

( I myself was adopted – so never had any knowledge of any “luck of the Irish” )

komedal road - four leaf clover1

Then something happened – I found another one even more beautiful than the first one . . . I again told my friend that with all these four leaf clovers something good was sure to come her loved one’s way!

komedal road - four leaf clover2

Well – over 10 years later – I am happy to say that my friend’s loved one is as healthy as can be . . . and for that I am truly, truly grateful!!

But as good a blessing as this is – this is not the end to the story I am sharing . . .

You see – I took these two four leaf clovers inside the house and I found a very large book to press them in . . . life then continued on as it normally did . . .

Over 6 months passed – I forgot about the four leaf clovers as I was living my life as a single mom, working as hard as possible . . . and taking care of the one thing that mattered most – my little boy Pierre.  I knew that he was all that really mattered at that time.

Slowly I began to date a very special man . . . it was going along well – but I was nervous about the whole idea of a relationship again.  I decided it was time to let God take over . . .

komedal road - four leaf clovers

Then one evening I asked this man I was dating a simple question . . . “what day is your birthday again?”

After he answered – I said something like this . . . “hey – I have this big birthday book – let’s see what it says about you . . .” I then grabbed this big blue book – not even thinking about those silly little four leaf clovers from months before . . . I asked him his birthday . . . threw open the book . . . and . . .

t h e r e.   t h e y.   w e r e.

right there on the day of his birth . . .

komedal road - a four leaf clover post

I couldn’t even breathe as I slowly closed the book back up knowing that I had put these in this book months before I ever even knew his birth date.

I will never forget looking into his eyes – knowing that this was the man I was going to be with for the rest of my life.  It may perhaps sound silly to a few of you . . . but I knew at that moment – that this was so much more than just the luck of the Irish . . .

I finally understood that this was the true plan all along!

Peace and love to all of you!!

xoxo – liz

. . .

Oh – by the way . . . my son now plays high school sports for the Fighting Irish!  Coincidence?  I think not!

. . .

7 thoughts on “luck of the irish …

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  2. What a sweet story…I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in blessings, and in God’s omnipotence and that if we allow him to order our steps, he will do just that. Even our sufferings are useful when God is at the center of them. I DO love a happy ending. 🙂

  3. What a lovely story… I met my husband on St Patrick’s Day while wearing a green silk dress. Totally unknown to me, my future in-laws did our reception in a shamrock theme due to our shared Irish ancestry.

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