in the blue …

Blue has always been one of my very favorite colors . . .

as well as some great blues music . . . some old blue jeans . . .

or some cool indigo art supplies!!

Komedal Road - Acid Sulphuric Bottle

I sometimes like to give my photographs a bit of my blue obsession . . .

and I especially love it on blue vintage goods . . .

Komedal Road - Shaving Brush 2

such as this cool shaving brush . . .

Komedal Road - Shaving Brush 1

or these fun old signage labels . . .

Komedal Road - Shelf Pricing Labels 1

or this end bolt of fabric from my studio to yours . . .

now available in our online shop!!

Studio Cloth Blue Plaid-1

So if you share a bit of this hue obsession . . .

come by the shop and see what is new . . . in blue of course!


Happy Monday everyone!!

xoxo – liz

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