introducing kalklitir . . .

Komedal Road is very excited to announce that we are going to be carrying

the most gorgeous line of lime paint from Sweden . . .


Kalklitir wall finishes are natural lime paints for use on walls and furniture.

They are beautiful, environmentally friendly, and are VOC free – being made

from natural lime and natural pigments.

When mixed with water . . .

Kalklitir produces a gorgeous chalky matte finish

that has superb depth and will age beautifully over time!

A perfect choice for old world interiors . . .

to the most modern of houses!

Kalklitir is packaged as a powder in 1 kg bags.

Each 1 kg bag of powder when mixed with 1.7 liters of water will make 2 liters of lime paint.

These 2 liters will cover approximately 16 to 24 square meters (one coat) or 8-12 square meters with 2 coats. (Kalklitir recommends a 2 coat application).

Kalklitir should always be applied with a lime brush – and should not be rolled with a roller.

The result that you get from this beautiful product is absolutely stunning!!

A lovely soft matte finish with depth that is quite simply amazing!!

Here are just a couple of my favorite colors from the line . . .

Antique Bleu . . . Lute Primo . . .

Audur Skula is the talented designer behind this beautiful line of wall finishes . . .

She has a depth of knowledge and paint skills . . .

and I have loved being inspired by her – both with her Kalklitir line of paints

and also on her personal blog When Decorating!

Here is a wonderful video of Audur applying Kalklitir to a wall

showing how simple and easy it is to do!!

 Kalklitir – How to apply lime color on a wall from Kalklitir on Vimeo.

We are beyond excited to be the first retailer here in the US to represent their products!

. . .

They are now available here in our Online Shop!!

Hope you are now inspired as much as I have been . . .

looking forward to sharing more with you in the weeks and months to come!!

Welcome to the BEAUTIFUL world of Kalklitir!! 🙂


peace and love . . .

xoxo – liz


( permission to use all photos and video given by Kalklitir )

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