road trip – marfa texas …

Recently – I took a little antique road trip from Austin Texas …

back to my home town here on Bainbridge Island.

On the journey – I happened to fall in love with a little town called …

M a r f a  – T e x a s

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0526

While there …

I also had the opportunity to photograph the new 2015 Spring Collection for

Stella Love!!

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - Stella Love Photo Shoot - DSC_0412

Below is a little photo journal

of my new love for Marfa Texas …

and a few sneak-peeks at the new Stella Love collection coming next Spring!

Where rural and modern meet …

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0505

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0508-2

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - Stella Love Photo Shoot - DSC_0464

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0533

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0262

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0192

Komedal Road - Road Trip - Marfa Texas - Marfa Photography - Marfa Photos - My Marfa - Stella Love - Spring 2015 - 2 - DSC_0028

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - Stella Love Photo Shoot - DSC_0650

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0600

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0164

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0197

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0065

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0600-2

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - Stella Love Photo Shoot - Spring 2015 - DSC_0052

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0533-2

Komedal Road - Texas Road Trip 2014 - Marfa - DSC_0508

If you ever get a chance to go to Marfa – I think you just may find it interesting …

a small rural working town … and a rigid modern movement

living together in a soft and graceful way.

.  .  .  .  .

I plan on using these photos in my art studio in the next few weeks …

along with some paints and encaustics … so excited!!

I guess it took a little road trip from Austin to Bainbridge

by way of Marfa to get the inspiration flowing!

Whatever works … Works! ; )

.  .  .  .  .

Peace and Love to all of you!!

xoxo – liz

one on one – Shannon Castillo …

I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time.

This “one on one” post is dedicated to the lovely …

Shannon Castillo

Thistle - Floral and Home - Shannon Castillo

and her sweet and charming shop in Kingston, Washington …


Floral and Home

Thistle - Floral and Home - Exterior of Building
I actually met Shannon years ago

when our son’s were playing football at Strawberry Hill Park here on Bainbridge Island

and then again when our son’s were playing baseball in little league.

As I watched my son grow up …

I also watched this amazing woman grow into the beautiful,

compassionate, and hardworking woman that she is today!

I have complete respect for women who go after there dreams …

and ultimately find them – and Shannon is one of them.

Thistle - Floral and Home - Succulents
Shannon’s dream can be found in the beautiful relationship

she has with her husband and her children …

and also in this beautiful business that she and her mother have put their hearts and souls into.

.  .  .  .  .

So … when I opened my monthly pop up shop at my studio a few months back …

I knew I wanted her to do the flowers for my opening!

Komedal Road - Opening Flowers - by Thistle Floral and Home
I can not begin to tell you how happy I was with them

as they were truly spectacular!

They were perfection really – just what I was looking for …

Komedal Road - Opening Flowers by Thistle Floral and Home
a large yet simple flower arrangement for the center of the studio

with only white flowers …

Komedal Road - Opening Florals - by Thistle Floral and Home
I truly could not have been happier!!

Komedal Road - Opening Flowers by Thistle Floral and Home - 2

and recently I stopped by her shop and bought a bunch of these lovelies below for the studio …

(you can see what I did with them in a previous post – here)

Thistle - Floral and Home - 4
What is so wonderful about Thistle Floral and Home

is that this little shop can not only create a gorgeous arrangement for special events …

they also have gorgeous floral stems and wonderful seasonal plants!

Thistle - Floral and Home - Exterior
From the minute you walk in you feel you are in a special place …

a floral shop that is not only beautiful – but very special in so many ways

Thistle - Floral and Home - 2

It is businesses like these, by women like Shannon that are what I want

to celebrate here on these “one on one” interviews!

So … here is a little more about Shannon and her lovely shop …

in her own words!

.  .  .  .  .

Where do you find your passion for Floral Design? …

My passion comes from seeing the joy that flowers bring. On the happiest of

occasions, saddest of occasions or just because. Flowers make people smile. Flowers

let you know that someone is thinking about you. What can be more fulfilling than

letting someone know they are loved? I get to do that everyday. ❤

Thistle - Floral and Home - Gorgeous Floral Bouquet - Photo Credit - Shannon Castillo–  photo by Shannon Castillo / Thistle Floral and Home  –

Who has influenced you most in you business and why?

Easiest question ever! My Mom. She has more talent and confidence in what she

does than anyone I know. She has the ability to transform the ordinary into the

extraordinary. The floral industry has been my Mom’s life since she was a young

adult. It is not an easy business and she has persevered with her great work ethic,

dedication and talent. I can only hope I can be half as great as she is…..

Thistle - Floral and Home - Shannon and Robbinphoto by - BB Image House

Can you tell us more about the name Thistle Floral & Home …

I saw thistles while I was driving through the Palouse in Eastern Washington. It was

my first trip to visit my daughter, Cera, in college. It was the one thing that kept

me from tearing up on the way home, leaving my little girl at school. The hills were

covered in dry thistle and golden finches were swooping and playing while they ate.

I realized that thistle is strong and beautiful. It has the ability to survive and thrive

in such a rough environment, just like my daughter going off to college.

Thistle - Floral and Home - 3

What is your Favorite Floral Style? …

There are so many floral styles out there but my “go to” favorite to be an English

style. It is not a structured arrangement; it is more of a free form style. I always

picture it as the way flowers would be if we just let them be themselves. An

arrangement that is a little wild with flowers blooming at their peak. A garden rose

at its peak is stunning. Just classic.

What else do you carry at Thistle Floral and Home? …

We carry a fun variety of vintage, repurposed and unique wares. Stemming from

our own eclectic style of “home” featuring furniture & accessories that we love.

Finding new ways to use “old” things creatively thinking outside the box. I enjoy

having a storefront that can support other artisans in the area with their goods too.

We have soap, jewelry, art and greeting cards made here at home in Kitsap county.

Thistle - Floral and Home - Lotion

Outside of work – what is your Favorite Family Activity? …

Funny you should ask this…. knowing how Liz & I met. We are a baseball family,

much to my daughters chagrin. Now baseball seasons have passed us by as my son

has gone on to college and is not playing anymore. After years of youth baseball, my

husband has just realized that garages sales can be loads of fun! So, that may be our

new adventure together!

What is your all time Favorite Flower?

My favorite all time flower is the Tuberose. It really isn’t a very pretty flower but the

scent is out of this world! I love to take one small stem and set it on my nightstand.

My entire bedroom smells heavenly. The interesting thing about a Tuberose is that

it is a night blooming plant. I would love to take an evening stroll through a garden

filled with them some day!

And finally – what is your Favorite Color and how does it make me feel? …

I can never waiver from my one true favorite color, green. I love green for all of its

different shades; from a wet forest in deep evergreen to the kelly green of clover, to

a sea of green. So many shades to choose from. Green makes me feel adventurous….

that there is so much to see in the world. It can also ground me and relax my mind.

Just sitting in my yard watching my chickens in the green grass makes me happy.

Komedal Road - Floral closeup - Florals by Thistle Floral and Home

I have loved watching Shannon follow her dreams …

and I have also loved getting to know her a little bit more in the process of this interview!

So – if you are ever in the Kingston area it is definitely worth a visit …

or if you have a celebration happening soon – I would highly recommend her!

Thistle - Floral and Home - Building Exterior

Thank you Shannon for sharing your vision and dreams with us!

I will stop in very soon …

as I am sure your shop will be filled to the brim this Holiday Season!

Thistle - Floral and Home - 1

Peace, Love and Happiness to you and your family – enjoy the journey!

xoxo – liz

.  .  .  .  .

Thistle Floral and Home
25960 Central Avenue Northeast, Kingston, WA

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 11am-4pm

.  .  .  .  .

all photos by Liz Le Dorze – unless otherwise noted and linked above with the image.
(Permission to use the photos were given by Shannon Castillo)