Shop Love – Ormolulu …

Welcome to the wonderful world of …


A lovely antique and vintage home store in Bellingham, Washington!

Ormolulu - Mannequin

Debi Burton and her husband Jim have been in the vintage business for years

and have recently opened up a lovely shop – chocked full of vintage goodness!

Ormolulu - Vintage Clocks

Ormolulu - Horse

From French Antiques … to Farm House Goods … to Industrial Chic …

you will find a bit of everything at their shop!

Ormolulu - Letterpress Type

Ormolulu - Mannequin Face

Debi Burton is known and respected in the vintage industry …

she has the knowledge … she has the talent …

and she knows how to put an amazing display together!

Ormolulu - Store Interior

Ormolulu - Vintage Mannequin

And then there is Debi’s husband Jim

He does some killer Industrial Upcycled Lighting – always on my list of must haves!

I always joke with him that at some point

he needs to have a whole section of the store dedicated to just that …

Ormolulu - Old Ship

Ormolulu - School Crossing Sign

So if you are ever up in the Bellingham area …

it is definitely worth checking out!!!

Put it this way …

It is absolutely worth the trip – as it feels like you just walked into another world …

like some cool antique vintage home store in say – Montmartre in Paris!

Ormolulu - Pheasant       Ormolulu - Mannequin Profile


301 W. Holly St

Belingham, WA