May Pop-Up and Upcoming Markets …

Due to Mother’s Day weekend …
our next Komedal Road Monthly Market is actually next weekend …
May 14th and 15th!!

Komedal Road - May Pop-Up Market 2016

We are also excited to have just added these other markets
to our calendar for the next few months as well …

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To see all of our upcoming markets and see what we are up to …
be sure to check out our Calendar Event Page here at …

Happy Weekend Everyone … and extra special LOVE to all those moms out there!!

Peace and Love …
xoxo – liz

Introducing Makers Marketplace …

We are very excited to introduce our newest lifestyle concept for Komedal Road …

it is going to be called …

Makers Marketplace!

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Virgin Mary Medal Necklace with Seed Beads - 7

It will be a unique Marketplace – filled with hand selected designers and makers of quality, handcrafted goods!  Each and every item in the collections will be made especially for Komedal Road by artists and friends who have truly inspired me.

I have been dreaming about this for a very long time and I am so excited to finally see it coming together as part of our Komedal Road lifestyle collection section of our business!!

Our very first Designer / Maker is a very talented Jewelry Maker that has inspired me for a very, very long time!  Please welcome …

Patricia Mackey!

Patirica Mackey - Jewelry Designer-Maker for Komedal Road's Makers Marketplace 1

I first met Patricia years ago while doing a vintage show just south of Seattle. We were both vendors there and I was instantly drawn to her jewelry. What I noticed first about her jewelry is that not only was it beautiful – but most pieces often included vintage pieces that had a story to tell as well.  I found that both unique and inspiring!  Over the years I have bought a few pieces from her … and to this day they are still some of my very favorites!!  I have also had some of her pieces at our monthly pop-ups here at our studio on Bainbridge Island!

It is with great excitement and joy to have Patricia be our very first Maker for Komedal Road!!  To get to know her a bit better … I had her answer a few questions here below.  I always find the answers to these types of questions fascinating – as I learn so much about their story and journey in becoming the artist they are today …

How did you find your passion for Jewelry Design?

Well sadly, it took the death of my parents within a few months of each other to make me realize what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. My Dad had been diagnosed in December 2002 with Stage 4 cancer. Given 3-6 months to live, we all tried to cram every part of a good life together for Dad. Not to be outdone with a timed diagnosis, Dad lived until 2008. During the 6 years that Dad suffered, my Mom started to slow down and had a series of strokes that left her almost completely blind. She was the consummate hostess, so being blind really affected her. I had dabbled with jewelry a bit at this time, making things for myself and friends. It was always a delight describing my artistic endeavors to my Mom who had to leave it up to her mind to visualize my designs.   A few months after my Dad passed away, my Mom was showing signs of some breathing and lung issues. A check x-ray revealed what would be a devastating result – Stage 4 lung cancer. She was gone within a week. Now that they were both gone, I felt alone, orphaned, and honestly, not sure how I would go on. It wasn’t until a couple of months after Mom’s death, when I decided it was time to go through some of her things that I had brought home with me. Namely, her jewelry box. What I haven’t told you is that long before my Mom became a wife and Mother, she was a Novitiate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Towsend, MD. That’s right, she was a Nun. She didn’t talk a lot about being a Nun, so her story was a bit of a mystery. Until I opened this box. In it, I found a treasure trove of Religious medals and Rosary’s that dated back to the early 1950’s. I imagined her beautiful long fingers intertwined in these glorious beads. It’s at that moment that the light bulb went off. So, back in August 2009, Tippy Stockton Jewelry came to be.

Patirica Mackey - Jewelry Designer-Maker for Komedal Road's Makers Marketplace  - tippy stocton 065

Can you tell us more about the name Tippy Stockton?

This is a bit of a funny story. Back in the early 2000’s, a few of my friends and I had a book club. We read a book about a woman author who wanted to write and “diss” on her friends, but she didn’t want them to know it was her. So she came up with the idea that she would use her first dog , and first street she lived on. We all went around the room rattling off our names. TIPPY STOCKTON. (TIPPY – a black lab mix with a white tip on his tail, and (STOCKTON ST. – in Brentwood, NY ) How cute is that? Saved in the back of my brain for later use. 2009 came, and it was time to pick a name for my business. I wanted something that would not only be catchy, but also honor two of the most important people in my life, my parents. Hmmmm, why not Tippy Stockton? Had a good ring to it. So off I went, branding my little company. Fast forward to about a year later – I’m checking out at one of my favorite bead shops, and this 20 something girl looks at my business name and starts to chuckle. “What”, I say. “Stripper name?” Duh, NO! She says, “first dog, first street?”. Okay, now I’m in freak out mode. I’m thinking, OH Dear God, my Mother must be having a fit. So, I guess it’s my Stripper Name too. Alrighty then.

What is your Favorite Piece . . .

It would have to be this piece. On the one that I made for myself, I used some of Mom’s rosary beads. The connector is an Ave Maria center; the pendant slides open to reveal The Lord’s Prayer. It reminds me so much of my Mom.

Patirica Mackey - Jewelry Designer-Maker for Komedal Road's Makers Marketplace - 10421513_10204934638837329_5917480466175907208_n

Where do you find inspiration for your Jewelry Collections?

For the better part of my adult life, I’ve been involved in the design world. My career started with Xerox, working in their Industrial Design/Graphic Design/Human Interface Division. While I wasn’t a designer, I was a sponge – making sure that I was completely immersed in this field. I was awarded a seat with the Color Association of America in VA, a role I took very seriously. I was part of a team that selected colors that would become part of the Pantone colors that drive industry, like Xerox equipment colors, and the leading colors in fashion. So, that experience has given me the eye for details as well as color. So every year, I look forward to what Pantone is saying about the colors leading the year. Some years I’m ecstatic, others not so much. This years colors have some promise . . . a soft rose and a beautiful blue.

Patirica Mackey - Jewelry Designer-Maker for Komedal Road's Makers Marketplace - hello January

And finally – in general – what is your favorite Color and how does it make you feel?

Well, this one is easy. AQUA . . . anything in this color way. The color of the Sea, to deep turquoise from New Mexico. It’s always my go to color. This year is no exception, as I add to my LaMer Collection (LaMer means the Sea in French) and to my RESORT 2016 Collection. Shades of aqua everywhere.

Patirica Mackey - Jewelry Designer-Maker for Komedal Road's Makers Marketplace - beach weather

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here below is part of the gorgeous collection Patricia has done for our Makers Marketplace – a lifestyle collection for Komedal Road …

Patricia’s first collection of beautiful necklaces has Old Vintage Medals as their center focus … which gives each piece a spiritual center and also a vintage feel.  The necklaces also have a modern ease about them keeping them current in the fashion world!

I personally think they are more than lovely … and couldn’t be more excited to share them with all of you …

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Champagne Quartz and Vintage Medal Necklace - 2

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Labradorite and Moonstone Vintage Medal Necklace - 1

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Vintage Virgin Mary Medal Necklace - 5

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Pyrite and Vintage Medal Necklace - 4

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Vintage Virgin Mary Medal Necklace - Silver - 3

Komedal Road - Makers-Marketplace - Patricia Mackey Jewelry Designer - Virgin Mary Medal Necklace with Seed Beads - 3

I hope you love the collection as much as I do … as I am personally in LOVE with each and every piece!!  It is all I can do to not keep them all for myself …

These first pieces above are now available here in our Komedal Road’s Makers Marketplace!  As I photograph the rest of the collection – we will be adding more pieces to the Online Shop in the coming weeks … so do stay tuned!

You can also find more of Patricia’s beautiful jewelry in her own Online shop at …  … So much beauty everywhere you look!!

Wishing you all the very best today and always …

Peace and Love!!  xoxo – liz


These 4 photos here above are by Patricia Mackey.
Permission was given to use them by her.

All other photos are by photographer – Liz le Dorze

Please ask the photographer for permission to use any of these photos …Thank you!!






Garden House Vintage …

We would like to welcome you to our newest lifestyle brand
developed for Komedal Road

Deanna Dusbabek Photography HLD6983

We are calling it …

Garden House Vintage

and it is all about bringing a touch of the garden into your home
with vintage garden pieces to make it extra special!

Komedal Road - Garden House VintageKomedal Road - Garden House Vintage - Rose

From French Flower Pots to Flower Frogs … from pretty floral cards to floral textiles …
and of course – a few Vintage White Enamelware Pitchers
because they are ALWAYS a good idea!!

Komedal Road - Garden House Vintage - Roses

We are so very excited to share some of this new concept with you
and so to start with – this week we will bring our very best to the…

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

In fact – we have three spaces in The Vintage Garden Market section of the show …
and … we plan to have lots of vintage garden items to share with you,
along with a few home items from our recent trip to France,
and also some great items from Texas!!

Komedal Road - Garden House Vintage - Hyacinth

We will also have the new and wonderful EVOKE Magazine available for you
at the show – for those of you that have been asking me about it!!

The premier issue of Evoke is all about French Vintage Lifestyles …
and I have to say this first issue is absolutely Gorgeous!
It is really more like a beautiful book!!

If you can’t make it to the Show, but you would like to order one of these beauties,
you can order your copy here at …

Komedal Road - Evoke Magazine

We hope you can join us at this beautiful Garden Show …

but if you can’t make it – we will always have a bit of our Garden House Vintage
at our Monthly Pop-Ups … and will soon be included in our Online Shop as well!!

Deanna Dusbabek Photography 7073HLD2

Deanna Dusbabek Photography 7081HLD

We are more than excited about all of this!!
Here is the Show information if you want to come to the show …

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

February 17th to February 20st (9:00 am to 8:00 pm)
February 21st (9:00 – 6:00)

Hope to see some of you there!!
Peace and Love!!! xoxo – liz

These three beautiful photos here
were taken (and permission given) by this talented photographer – Deanna Dusbabek!

All other photos were taken by photographer – Liz Le Dorze

Please ask the photographer for permission to use any of these photos …Thank you!!

©2016 Komedal Road

French Market Goods …

Welcome to French Market Goods!  We are so glad you are here!!

Komedal Road - French Market Goods

We will be traveling to France a few times each year … and it is our hope to not only inspire you but to show you as many French Vintage Goods as possible!  We will be wandering the large Flea Markets of Paris … as well as the more intimate Brocantes found in the small towns of the French Countryside.


We will be searching for beautiful and unique antiques, as well as fabulous vintage goods all along the way … and will be sharing our journey with you as we go!  At the markets – we will be looking for hemp and linen sheets and pretty vintage textiles … as well as gorgeous transferware dishes, cafe au lait bowls, old doors, and so much more!!


FRENCH MARKET GOODS - French Blue Transferware Bowls with Birds


FRENCH MARKET GOODS - InDigo Fabric with white flowers

We will be hand selecting each and every piece especially for you! Once we return to the States … we will be making all these vintage goods available to you directly – through our monthly pop-ups at our “French Market Goods” studio here on Bainbridge Island … in the Vintage Shows we attend … and also in our Online Shop here at

Below are a few photos of our last trip to France in September … It was so inspiring … the landscape … the architecture and interiors … the food and wine … the fashion … and most of all for me – all those amazing flea market finds! Hope you will find these photos inspiring as well 🙂  I am counting the days until I return …

Komedal Road - French Market Goods - Stone Building with Shutters


Komedal Road - French Market Goods - Vintage Hat Rack

Komedal Road - French Market Goods - Roof Top in Paris

Komedal Road - French Market Goods - Paris Apartment

FRENCH MARKET GOODS - Sideboard Detail

FRENCH MARKET GOODS - French Torchons with HL Monogram



Komedal Road - French Market Goods - Paris Roof Top


I can’t wait for this journey to continue … and I can’t wait to share it with all with you!!
Peace and Love – Liz

Komedal Road - Liz Le Dorze - Designer
A Komedal Road Lifestyle Brand …

French Market Goods – Container Sale …

Komedal Road invites you to …

our 1st


Container Sale!


this Saturday and Sunday
DEC. 12th and 13th!

. . . . .

My dear friend Kathryn and I traveled to France this last Fall
and had an absolute blast spending some time in Paris
as well as Northern and Southern France.


We did some site-seeing throughout the streets of Paris …
and also had a blast visiting friends
in the French countryside ..

and – you guessed it  …

we shopped till we dropped
at every French Flea Market that we could find
throughout the entire trip!!




We ended up getting a 20′ Container between the two of us …
and yesterday it finally arrived!

FRENCH MARKET GOODS - Container Sale 2015

We will be having our container sale in two locations …

at my studio …
French Market Goods … 381 Wallace Way – Suite 107
Sat. / Sun. (10-5)

and at Kathryn’s store …
Petit and Olson – 150 Winslow Way E.
Sat. (10-8) and Sun. (11-5)

Both businesses are located
here on Bainbridge Island – here in Washington state.

.  .  .  .  .

Hope to see you all soon!!

Peace and Love!
xoxo – Liz … and Kathryn too!!

. . .


Right next door is our …

Ranch House Home

which will also be open for the weekend
in case you want to stop by there as well!! 🙂



1st Anniversary Pop-Up & Fabric Sample Sale …

Komedal Road invites you to …

our 1st Anniversary Pop-Up and
Fabric Sample Sale …

It has been such a fun year at the studio
and we want to celebrate with lots of Fresh Vintage Goods …
and a once a year Fabric Sample Sale …

Hope you can join us …

“Bainbridge Island Studios”
381 Wallace Way NE – Studio 107 & 109
– Bainbridge Island –

August 7th (First Friday Art Walk) 5 – 7
August 8th and 9th (Sat./Sun.) 10-5

Hope to see you all soon!!

Peace and Love!
xoxo – liz

.  .  .  .  .

Introducing – Komedal Cloth …

We have some very exciting news to share here on Komedal Road …

. . . . .

As of July 1st – 2015 …

A beautiful line of designer textiles previously called Bainbridge Blues

(which was only available through trade-only showrooms)

will now be made available

exclusively in our Komedal Road Online Shop!!

It is being renamed and rebranded under the name of …

Komedal Cloth

here are a few of the patterns that will be available …

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Cole in Red

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Erin in Lt. Green

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Elizabeth in creamKomedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Dylan in Lt. Blue, Red, and Brown

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Frances in BrownKomedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Katie in Red

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Hattie in Lt. Blue and Red

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Katie in Brown

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Bryn in RedKomedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Marni in Brown

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - William in Red

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Bryn in Dk. Blue

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Timothy in RedKomedal Road - Komedal Cloth - Dylan in Lt. Blue, Red, and Brown

These fabrics have been designed here on Bainbridge Island …

woven in the countryside of Italy … and printed here in the United States!

Most of them are 100% Hemp Fiber – which is similar to Linen

and comes in widths from approximately 52″ (Katie bird design) to 57″ for many of the wovens.

The price range is from $35.00 to $85.00 per yard.

Komedal Road - Komedal Cloth

I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to offer this beautiful line of textiles

directly to our retail customers!

Komedal Cloth will also continue to have Grainsack yardage, designer end-bolts …

and we will soon be adding one of a kind Vintage and Antique fabrics from around the world.

So – do stay tuned … we have so much more to share with you!! 🙂

Peace and Love …

xoxo – liz

Komedal Road Online Shop

Photo Credit | Michael Jardine and Liz Le Dorze